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‘Animal liberation’ has traditionally been a non-issue for the Marxist left. To those of us dedicated to human liberation, animal rights activism appears a curious and sentimental displacement of solidarity onto beings incapable of understanding or of returning it – at best, a symptom of our alienation from fellow humans.

At times, a fixation with animal suffering seems to shade into various degrees of misanthropy. Who has not been repelled by activists willing to jeopardise the lives of lab workers by sending letter bombs to pharmaceutical companies? And who in their right mind does not run a mile upon hearing the words, ‘I prefer animals to humans’? Continue reading ‘Animal liberation and Marxism’

I’ve got a 1994 book called ‘The War of the Words – The Political Correctness Debate’. A typical product of its time, it counterposes contributions from those sceptical of PC – such as Melanie Philips voicing early doubts about her own liberalism – against essays from right-on ‘left’ personalities, e.g. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown bemoaning that “the most dispiriting aspect of it is how many liberals have joined in [the anti-PC backlash]”. Continue reading ‘Civil war of the words’

It has been brought to my attention that the current regroupment process of the British post- Trotskyist left seems to involve prospective talks and an exchange of ideas between individual activists from the IS Network and Beyond Europe, a self-defined “anti-authoritarian platform against capitalism” consisting of two Greek groups (Antiauthoritarian Movement and Drasi), Plan C from the UK, and Ums Ganze from Germany and Austria. Continue reading ‘Smooth operators’

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As a guest representing the CPGB at the Assoziation Dämmerung autumn school in Hamburg, I responded to a few interview questions about Marxism and animal liberation. The interview is available in German language here.


On 18 October 1933, the Daily Mail published a brilliant interview with “His Excellency, the Reich chancellor Adolf Hitler.”  Continue reading ‘Workfare… National Socialist style!’


Most readers will be familiar with Hitler’s infamous quote, regularly presented by anti-fascists to ‘prove’ that their frozen principle of physically smashing the fascists is correct:

Only one thing could have stopped our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement“. Continue reading ‘Smashing the nucleus’

Published in Weekly Worker, 26 September 2013

Last week Ally MacGregor graced the Weekly Worker letters page with a strange comparison. According to the comrade, our proposed amendments to the Socialist Platform – intended to clarify and strengthen it and which were opposed by Nick Wrack’s drafting group in the name of absent communismophobes – are similar to the efforts of Left Unity’s ‘safe spaces working group’ to impose a bureaucratic code of conduct upon LU. Continue reading ‘Die Linke: Safe spaces strike force’


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