Z ZONE features a selection of Maciej Zurowski’s writings on politics, music and culture.

Maciej Zurowski lives in London. As a translator working in English, Polish and German and co-founder of Partisan Media, he specialises in political and historical translations.

Having worked on texts such as Karl Kautsky’s ‘Ältere und neue Kolonialpolitik’ (On Colonialism), he is currently translating a political biography of Otto Bauer and the Austromarxist movement for Brill Publishers’ Historical Materialism series.

As a journalist, he regularly writes for the German music magazine Melodie & Rhythmus, and he has contributed to political publications such as Weekly Worker, Hintergrund, Red Mist Reviews and Havana Times.

He is a fan of trash culture, punk and glam rock; a communist; a member of the National Union of Journalists, and your humble friend.

Contact him at zzurowski [at] yahoo.co.uk


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