Partisan Media – translation and journalism in English, German and Polish

Weekly Worker – Britain’s most weighty left paper

CPGB – an organisation aiming to unite all revolutionary Marxists in one party

Melodie & Rhythmus – the world’s only Marxist pop magazine is hailing from Berlin

Hands Off the People of Iran – an anti-imperialist and anti-theocracy campaign

Haringey Housing Action Group – Problems with landlords, agents, council bureaucrats? Join this mutual help/action group.

Historical Materialism – journal committed to critical Marxist theory

Critique  – journal of socialist theory

Hintergrund – non-embedded current affairs journalism in German

Labour Party Marxists – principled communists organising in the LP

Assoziation Dämmerung – a German leftist association centred around Marxism and critical theory

November Publications – literature for revolution

National Union of Journalists – British union for all media workers

Who makes the Nazis – a blog dedicated to ‘exposing’ the far right in music subcultures. I don’t agree with their overall approach, but they are reasonable enough to engage in debate.

Władza Rad – Polish Trotskyist organisation


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