Border trouble

border controlsShocking, but not unusual news reached us as some 1400 refugees in transition drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in just one week. And the Sun’s Katie Hopkins, never shy to urinate over heaps of corpses, including the unburied, gave the British public that article. Meanwhile, the left reacted in predictable fashion. For the National Union of Journalists’ badly eviscerated NUJ ‘Left’ grouping, the tragedy provided yet another opportunity to lament insufficient press regulation – if it were up to the NUJ, some members continue to fantasise, the Murdoch press could not print such bile with impunity Continue reading


Irrational and brittle


There has been some debate following the Weekly Worker’s series of articles on feminism, including on Labour Representation Committee member Louise Whittle’s blog, Harpymarx. It’s regrettable that a lot of it has been conducted in a less than sober manner Continue reading

Why don’t you call yourselves something different?

Report from the 1234 Festival, Sat 24th July 2010 in Shoreditch Park, also published in Weekly Worker.

From Greenpeace to Amnesty International, from the Metropolitan Police to Lucky Strike and the Socialist Workers Party, everybody was testing their credentials with those trendy young things at the July 24 1234 music festival in Shoreditch Park.

“You can take it or leave it as far as we’re concerned, what we want is buried in the present tense” sang 1970s punk poet Vic Godard from the main stage, as the SWP comrades began chatting up festival-goers to sign a petition against cuts. -Read more>