Dreaming of 1945

Published in Weekly Worker, 24th November 2011 and Labour Party Marxists

The Labour Representation Committee, rather than being a single tendency body, serves as an umbrella for a variety of groupings and individuals, primarily those in the Labour Party who consider themselves to be on the left. As such, it hosts an array of left Labourites, Marxists, Stalinites and Trotskyites, all of whom enjoy an uneasy alliance under what is essentially a ‘British socialist’ platform.

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Tahrir Square comes to Madrid

published in Weekly Worker, 2nd June 2011

“Rallies are boring,” said one activist characteristically at the ‘open organising assembly for June 30 strikes’ in central London. The May 23 meeting may have been attended by more than 100 activists from various tendencies, but it was certainly decentralised direct action groups such as UK Uncut that set the tone. Continue reading

A revolution of the flowers?

A report from Coalition of Resisitance meeting, ‘Tunisia – Solidarity with the Revolution’ on 21 Jan 2011 in central London

As a 50 strong audience of Coalition of Resistance supporters and guests gathered in the building of the University of London Union, the central committee of Tunisia’s ruling party, the RCD, was no more. Under massive popular pressure and with the military withdrawing its support, the governing body of the Tunisian oligarchs’ puppet party had dissolved earlier that day. General amnesty was declared. Continue reading

More glasnost, less perestroika

Published in Weekly Worker and Havana Times, 13 Jan 2011

An interview with Circles Robinson, editor of Havana Times

Ever imagined a post-revolutionary scenario where Socialist Worker becomes the only widely available source of information? Well – that vision is very much a reality in Cuba, where Granma, the organ of the Communist Party since 1965, relentlessly hammers home the central committee’s line with little regard for discussion, controversy or stimulating thought.

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Official optimism gone mad

published in Weekly Worker, 25th November 2011

“I think today’s turnout is amazing,” announced Lindsey German to the assembled anti-war protesters in her trademark style. It was a case of official optimism gone mad: not only was the turnout at the November 20 Stop the War Coalition demo the poorest in years, but Lindsey’s blatant reversal of the truth was screamingly obvious to anyone who was there and had eyes to see. You can take the girl out of the SWP … -Read more>

Poll tax reminiscences

Published in Weekly Worker, 11th November 2011










At SPEW’s ‘Socialism 2009’ school, Robin Clapp told us how we beat the Tories last time around

“Thatcher thought that Neil Kinnock and his followers in the Labour Party were a piece of piss,” reminisced a veteran of the Militant Tendency, “but she was not prepared for the strength of Militant’s organisation and the power of ordinary people.” Continue reading

Uncritical Stalinists?

This poster was plastered on the walls of Manchester University by a group called Communist Students last week, inviting to a “debate and discussion on Stalinism, what it is, and why we oppose it”. What does it say in huge letters? “Stalinism is anti-communism”. A clear enough statement, right? -Read more>