Love Me, I’m A Liberal

Published in Red Mist, 12th August 2011

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine live in London

As we were watching Jello Biafra advocating “non-violent direct action” from the stage of the O2 Academy in Islington, only a couple of miles up the road members of Tottenham’s impoverished community made their frustration felt by rioting and setting the local police station on fire. -Read more>


7 reasons why I like The Clash

I like The Clash because…

… the over-privileged Joe Strummer spent his whole life impersonating what he imagined an authentic working class person would be like: bad teeth, unintelligible speech, chain smoking. -Read more>

Red Invasion interview – Boston punk rock’n’roll!

“The right band at the wrong time” is how young Boston punks Red Invasion refer to themselves. With their straightforward Dead Boys-meet-Heartbreakers 70s sleaze punk they might not be in the process of reinventing the wheel, but their songs are infused with a passion rarely found in music these days. Underneath their aggressively nihilistic surface, songs such as Tomorrow Never Comes contain a subtle melancholy akin to the greatest Hanoi Rocks material.

Red Invasion’s terrific debut album I’m Not Too Young To Die was released on Pelado Records and is a must-buy if Young Loud and Snotty is your bible. The follow-up should be out any second; until then, enjoy my interview with frontman Joey.

What inspired the name Red Invasion? Any communist leanings? -Read more>

from the glam vault – Dogs d’Amour: The State We’re In (1984)

THE DOGS D’AMOUR: the state we’re in (Kumibeat Records, 1984)

An euphoric power pop riff, a chorus that could have been written by Slade in 1972 had Slade been a little less ham-fisted, and we’re diving head first into the what could have been the definitive glam punk statement of the 80s. Unfortunately, it was marred by the most abysmal production job in history. -Read more>