Labour left election fever

nfa miliband

As is always the case in the run-up to general elections, many comrades will have developed a sudden interest in the Labour Party left during the past months. They might have noted the emergence of the unambiguously named the Socialist Campaign For A Labour Victory. Or rather, its ‘re-emergence’ for the first time since 1979. Today it’s being promoted mainly by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, with signatories including Labour left stalwarts such as John McDonnell and Hull’s ‘Red Labour’ councillors, Gill Kennett and Dean Kirk. Continue reading


Jules Pipe will hit you, but not so hard

A report from the Hackney Alliance To Defend Public Services meeting on 25th January 2011

“Over the past months I’ve been using every opportunity I can to urge the Coalition Government to not make these devastating cuts to Hackney’s budget”, promises a puppy-eyed Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney, on leaflets currently distributed by Labour Party activists. Granted, the east London council “is facing some tough decisions ahead”, but the “protection of vital frontline services” will always be Pipe’s “absolute priority”. The aspiring Mayor of London, who touts himself as being “on your side”, guarantees that any cuts to spending will be “fair” and not hit lower and middle income families “so hard”. -Read more>

Poll tax reminiscences

Published in Weekly Worker, 11th November 2011










At SPEW’s ‘Socialism 2009’ school, Robin Clapp told us how we beat the Tories last time around

“Thatcher thought that Neil Kinnock and his followers in the Labour Party were a piece of piss,” reminisced a veteran of the Militant Tendency, “but she was not prepared for the strength of Militant’s organisation and the power of ordinary people.” Continue reading