Workfare… National Socialist style!


On 18 October 1933, the Daily Mail published a brilliant interview with “His Excellency, the Reich chancellor Adolf Hitler.” The journalist, Ward Price, asked him to address rumours that he was preparing Germany for war. The Nazi leader soundly refuted these silly misgivings. 

However, I am particularly impressed with the bit where Hitler elaborates on some of his immediate economic measures. They illustrate how governments might want to cut some red tape and more efficiently stimulate an economy in crisis:
“For one, we will relieve the economy from the strain of unbearable taxes, restore trust, and eradicate a vast amount of more or less Marxist-inspired laws that inhibit the economy. Besides, we are running a very comprehensive work provision campaign. (…)
In order to help the youth in particular, we will bring them together in our work camps and deploy them in exchange for what are very small salaries, but sufficient food provisions. They do not have families yet and can therefore be easily housed in barracks and similar accommodation close to their workplace.”
Given his responsible and commonsensical economic views, it is perhaps unsurprising that the paper remained supportive of the charismatic leader for years to come.

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