Joyriding in the Docklands

published in Red Mist, 8th May 2011

The Bermondsey Joyriders and John Sinclair live at London’s 100 Club

“Where are they now?”, asked a 1982 song by South-East London band Cock Sparrer, lamenting the faded and lapsed heroes of the British punk revolution. The answer was simple. Some of the addressees of the lyric, such as John Lydon and Joe Strummer, had moved on to create rather more interesting music (Public Image Ltd. and Sandinista! respectively). Lesser lights, such as Sham 69’s Jimmy Pursey, had simply run out of ideas that might justify yet another album of two-chord terrace chantalongs, leaving the spotlight to a new breed of dole punks operating under the ‘Oi!’ umbrella. Continue reading