7 reasons why I like The Clash

I like The Clash because…

… the over-privileged Joe Strummer spent his whole life impersonating what he imagined an authentic working class person would be like: bad teeth, unintelligible speech, chain smoking.

… guitarist Mick Jones lived in a high rise estate for only four months and then wrote at least 40 songs about it.

… with their Police and Thieves cover, they made reggae sound like marching music.

… with The Magnificent Seven, they were almost the first white artists to do hip-hop. Blondie’s Rapture beat them by only a month.

… Joe Strummer referred to Billy Idol’s band Generation X as follows: “I hate bands like that. They stand for nothing, they mean nothing, they are essentially just a bunch of wimps.”

… when Joe Strummer, for once, walked the walk trying to sell the Morning Star to striking miners, he got dispirited after only one day.

… they were full of contradictions – and that’s what made them seem human.


2 thoughts on “7 reasons why I like The Clash

  1. Actually “Magnificent Seven” was *RECORDED* BEFORE Blondie’s “Rapture,” despite being released after. So therefore the Clash are the first white rap/hip-hop artists lol

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