Laurie Penny meets the ‘old left’









A report from the Laurie Penny vs. AWL debate on 27th Jan 2011 in central London

If you have come to see a bloodbath, you’re in the wrong place”, announced Alliance for Workers Liberty member Ed Maltby. No worries Ed, I didn’t expect that. After all, various far left groups have been virtually falling over themselves to appease the influential young journalist Laurie Penny, who in a notorious article likened Socialist Worker sellers to cockroaches. -Read more>


Arty resistance

A report from the Artists Of The Resistance meeting on 26th January 2011 in central London

Apparently, SWP members are required to keep a copy of Socialist Worker on their desks whenever they attend a public meeting. This functions as an advertisement as well as territorial urination when different tendencies meet in the same room. At the Artists Of The Resistance open planning meeting – an offshoot of Counterfire’s Coalition of Resistance – overt advertising of one’s political affiliations was rather frowned upon, as were a lone SWP delegate’s efforts at linking up the group with the Right to Work front. -Read more>

Jules Pipe will hit you, but not so hard

A report from the Hackney Alliance To Defend Public Services meeting on 25th January 2011

“Over the past months I’ve been using every opportunity I can to urge the Coalition Government to not make these devastating cuts to Hackney’s budget”, promises a puppy-eyed Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney, on leaflets currently distributed by Labour Party activists. Granted, the east London council “is facing some tough decisions ahead”, but the “protection of vital frontline services” will always be Pipe’s “absolute priority”. The aspiring Mayor of London, who touts himself as being “on your side”, guarantees that any cuts to spending will be “fair” and not hit lower and middle income families “so hard”. -Read more>

A revolution of the flowers?

A report from Coalition of Resisitance meeting, ‘Tunisia – Solidarity with the Revolution’ on 21 Jan 2011 in central London

As a 50 strong audience of Coalition of Resistance supporters and guests gathered in the building of the University of London Union, the central committee of Tunisia’s ruling party, the RCD, was no more. Under massive popular pressure and with the military withdrawing its support, the governing body of the Tunisian oligarchs’ puppet party had dissolved earlier that day. General amnesty was declared. Continue reading

More glasnost, less perestroika

Published in Weekly Worker and Havana Times, 13 Jan 2011

An interview with Circles Robinson, editor of Havana Times

Ever imagined a post-revolutionary scenario where Socialist Worker becomes the only widely available source of information? Well – that vision is very much a reality in Cuba, where Granma, the organ of the Communist Party since 1965, relentlessly hammers home the central committee’s line with little regard for discussion, controversy or stimulating thought.

Continue reading

Jailbirds, extremists, and white power rock

Published in Weekly Worker 847

“Grandpa was Sturmführer of the SS – his grandson will be Sturmführer of the SS”, went a chorus typical of Berlin’s neo-Nazi rock group, Landser, whose rather nauseating songs recommended the murder of Jews, blacks, “Polaks”, “gooks” and communists. In 2005, the group was classified as a “criminal organisation” and banned by the German federal court, its front man Michael Regener earning himself 40 months in prison for Volksverhetzung[1] and “distributing extreme rightwing propaganda”. Read more