Hate to say I told you so

American liberals now begin to voice concerns about Obama, which is nothing short of hilarious.

To all of those who thought Obama meant HOPE and CHANGE… well, he’s already bringing about change: for one, he’s reversing all the pledges and promises he made just prior to the elections. He will not repeal tax cuts for the wealthy. He will not take on big oil. He will not withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan any time soon. And in all likelihood, he will not socialise health care. So much for virtually all the points he was running on – too bad, folks.

Of course, Obama is a puppet of big business just as much as his predecessor was. But unlike Bush, Obama has the gift of being able to say something that can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, depending on who is interpreting it. Small wonder some right-wingers express their support for him no less than the left-leaning do.

He is precisely what capitalism needs now, especially with the economic crisis rearing its ugly head. Obama is, in essence, Bush with a higher IQ: someone who, like Bush, will do whatever is commanded of him, but who possesses the talent to woo a crowd with speeches and can better articulate the demands of his masters in a way that public opinion will accept it.

Just imagine Bush rambling, “to fight the economic crisis, we need to hunt down the poor, smoke them out of their caves, and confiscate all they’ve got left”. That wouldn’t really fly with the liberals, would it? Obama will find a more agreeable way to put it.

I do acknowledge the cultural significance of the fact that now, forty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, America finally has her first black president. To this, I tip my hat and say “well done, America”. As far as personal sympathies go, I too find Obama more appealing than the Republican scarecrows he was running against. It’s just that world politics aren’t truly decided by the nice man that won the latest parliamentary elections. Or the latest winner of American Idol, for that matter.


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