Non-Servium: Red and Anarchist Skinheads from Madrid

There’s something strangely fascinating about radical skinhead music. We’re not talking Oi! music or ‘street punk’, that politically unadventurous football hooligan variant of punk rock that cropped up in the UK around 1980. We’re talking angry young men who have dedicated their music and their lives to a cause and are not adverse to using physical violence to advance it. Sadly, the majority of these are of the far-right variety. Radically left-wing skinhead bands were a rarity in the 80s and 90s, but they have seen a steady growth in the past few years.” />

Non-Servium are a skinhead band from Madrid whose music has little to do with celebrating working class stereotypes as laid down by the tabloid press. Instead, they are members of ‘RASH‘ – Red and Anarchist Skinheads, an international movement founded in 1993 in response to the conservatism of the traditional skinhead subculture.

Musically, their first two albums ‘Orgullo Obrero’ and ‘N.S.A: La Santa Familia’ are pure, heavy Oi, sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and plodding. The standout track Anti-Nazi is a fine example of the latter tendency:

It’s hard to deny musical similarities to nationalist bonehead bands such as Condemned 84, but where the likes of Close Shave act “hard as nails”, Non-Servium sound like they eat nails for breakfast.

What Non-Servium have in common with their adversaries from the other side of the political spectrum is a tendency to drift towards more metallic musical terrains once they have mastered their instruments. Perhaps it’s because metal offers a better outlet for fantasies of hypermasculinity, a feature of the skinhead aesthetic that all the different factions are affected by to some degree?

Luckily, Non-Servium’s 2007 album ‘El Imperio Del Mal’ never degenerates into the cheesy ersatz metal so often produced by the right-wing bonehead brethren, instead offering a powerful oi-cum-hardcore racket with occasional chugga-chugga metal breaks. And while the album may still sound a bit clumsy in places, two excellent, brand new tracks posted on their myspace profile (Sangre Per Sangre and Bendita Locura) indicate that Non-Servium have now geared their new sound towards perfection and found a voice all of their own.

And because it’s not style but content that defines their raison d’etre skinheads, they took the liberty of growing little mohicans as of late, which makes them look like a funny punk-skinhead hybrid:


4 thoughts on “Non-Servium: Red and Anarchist Skinheads from Madrid

  1. Funny punky-skin hybrid? Hahaha. The Madrid scene of antifascist skins started when punks and beat boys became skinheads. Its also well related with the squatter movement. Its modern street punk in the real sense of the word. So yeah, now and again someone will grow a mohawk. Its the fucking same to us anyway.

    The important thing is millitant antifascism. 😉 The rest is just labels

  2. As I said, it seems to be about content rather than style, which is a good thing. I wish skinheads in the UK were more like that – over here, most of them are just trad skins (nice guys but conservative).

  3. Here a spanish skinhead.

    Non Servium are masive here in the skinhead/punk scene.

    Their shows are brilliant, and their message strong.

    We need this kind of bands in Spain, because the nazi problem here is real.
    They keep the flame alive, the flame of fighting for all that we love. That’s something we all need, specially because of all the neo-nazi scum that appeared after Franco’s dictatorship.

    Thank you for the post, really good.

    Keep it up!

  4. nowt wrong with Condemned 84 or Close Shave – this is misinformed. Close Shave’s singer Fluffy outside the band is a big-time skinhead reggae/ska/2 tone DJ, hardly sounds like any ‘bonehead’ to me.

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