from the glam vault – Dogs d’Amour: The State We’re In (1984)

THE DOGS D’AMOUR: the state we’re in (Kumibeat Records, 1984)

An euphoric power pop riff, a chorus that could have been written by Slade in 1972 had Slade been a little less ham-fisted, and we’re diving head first into the what could have been the definitive glam punk statement of the 80s. Unfortunately, it was marred by the most abysmal production job in history. -Read more>


Lydia Lunch live at Corsica Studios London 4 May 2008 review

Another year, another project for Lydia. This time around, she teamed up with James Johnston and Ian White of lounge lizards Gallon Drunk to play a few European dates in celebration of her new book The Gun Is Loaded. While in the past fifteen years or so Lydia seemed to continuously get better with age and always managed to bring something genuinely new and intriguing to the table, this was the first time the live experience felt like Lydia-by-numbers. The deconstructed tribal rhythms and screeching guitar with Lydia rambling poetry and profanities atop seemed like a pastiche of tried-and-tested aural signifiers for ‘experimental music’ rather than anything truly experimental. Perhaps I’m doing Lydia injustice, though, and my inability to enjoy the set simply had to do with the ugly shadow of London’s full-scale right-wing shift hanging over the weekend. Suddenly, Lydia’s world of self-indulgent sexual exorcisms seemed oddly irrelevant. -Read more>