The Trashwomen reunite!

Budget rock pioneers The Trashwomen are reuniting to play a show at Mr T’s Bowl in Los Angeles on July 12th. It’s their second gig since their breakup in 1995 (they played one at last year’s Budget Rock Fest).

Formed in 1991, San Francisco’s Trashwomen were one of the earliest -and best- bands to kick off the garage rock revival. Their repertoire consisted of obnoxiously screechy rockabilly and garage punk tunes, as well as instrumental surf numbers.

The Trashwomen released tree legendary seven inches, namely Lust (1992), Three Birds (1994) and Invade Chinatown (1994), followed by three fantastic albums which all sounded the same: Trashwomen Vs. Deepspace (1995), Spend The Night With The Trashwomen (1996), and Live At The Purple Onion (also 1996).

Aiming to bring back fun and amateur spirit in an era of dreary, corporate grunge, the Trashwomen played sloppy but well.

After the breakup, Tina Lucchesi went on to form the good-but-not-great Bobbyteens.

It is unknown as of now whether there are any plans to play more gigs after the LA show -possibly even in the UK- but I will update this entry as soon as I find out.


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