Zombie Met Girl

Zombie Met Girl sound as if the Dead Kennedys had remained in their embryonic, pre Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables state for a little while longer, and then fleshed out their sound by adding a slight Cramps touch instead of going hardcore.

I’m not sure if you get the same impression from their video clip below, but when I saw them play at Rock Action Fest a week ago, it often felt like watching Jello & Co circa ‘Police Truck‘.

A new London rock’n’roll band, Zombie Met Girl feature a vocalist who knows how to interact with the audience without resorting to stereotypical poses. They’re smart enough to know that bands earn more from t-shirt sales than from CDs these days, which is why they put extra effort into making really cool looking tees (see pic). I would wear one even if I wasn’t familiar with the band.

Listen to an mp3 of them here: Zombie Met Girl – murder in 314, or have a look at Zombie Met Girl’s myspace. Do you think I should interview them?


2 thoughts on “Zombie Met Girl

  1. Yes, I think they are very talented and have a great sound. There DK and Cramps influences are obvious. Lyricly, and creatively they stand out, intrumentaly they gel together perfectly. Thier front man is a babe! They could easily get a record deal in Hollywood. Interview them! Love Birdy, California

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