The Power of Nightmares

The youtube clip below contains the introduction to a very interesting documentary called The Power Of Nightmares that was on British television a couple of years back. It deals with the rise of the political Right in both the USA and the Islamic countries, charting it from its humble beginnings as an intended moral renaissance through the pain and terror it inflicted upon innocents on both sides of the artificial fence.

To my taste, it’s a little heavy on the ideological/religious component while completely neglecting the material side of things. I have trouble buying into the idea of religion or ideology being a war monger’s or terror monger’s prime motivation, and I think it would have done the film some good to have a look at the economic interests on both sides. Still, The Power Of Nightmares contains some invaluable info on the spiritual history of the current situation.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do take the time and sit through the whole thing. You can find all episodes (1-6) easily by searching The Power Of Nightmares on youtube. It’s essential viewing.


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