Nick Wrack’s drafting group of four presented a Socialist Platform to Left Unity which inhabits a diffuse middle ground between Marxian socialism and the Labour Party’s abandoned Clause IV.

As such, it advocates a state of things where “the wealth and the means of production are no longer in private hands but are owned in common” (compare Clause IV:  “secure for the workers (…) the most equitable distribution (…) that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange”). Continue reading ‘Nick Wrack’s bid for leadership’

Published at Left Unity (under ‘Alex Reich’ moniker)


As the housing crisis deepens, squatting is likely to increase, out of necessity more than as a political act. Since September last year, squatting  a residential property in England and Wales is a criminal offence, potentially carrying a prison sentence. The new legislation was supported by the Labour Party. Alex Reich from Haringey Left Unity talks to a young squatter in London. Continue reading ‘Another day, another squat’

Published in Weekly Worker, 6 June 2013


As descriptions of the June 1 British National Party demonstration and the anti-fascist counter-protest in Westminster, phrases such as ‘good clean fun’, ‘solid Saturday afternoon entertainment’, and ‘decent spectacle’ spring to mind. Following years of infighting, financial troubles, and near-absence from the public eye, the whites-only outfit was attempting to test the waters in the wake of Woolwich – and we were curious to find out just how many followers it could still mobilise. Continue reading ‘BNP: Out of the woodwork’

Published in Weekly Worker, 23 May 2013


As some of our British comrades in Left Unity contemplate sinking to unheard-of levels of blandness in the hope of attracting the tired, poor and huddled masses, such considerations do not seem to cross the minds of the Polish Władza Rad group. “We are communists,” proclaims the ‘About’ section of its internet portal proudly

Continue reading ‘Anti-sectarianism, Polish style’

Reader’s letter to the Weekly Worker, May 02 2013

Claire Lacombe

I read with interest Anne McShane’s and Ben Lewis’s accounts of Alexandra Kollontai and August Bebel, and their relationship to feminism. It is remarkable how many different understandings of the term have been making the rounds in the pages of the Weekly Worker recently, and I am confident that we are now moving beyond merely mirroring the left’s lower-case feminism – often a pastiche of post-Stalinist ideologemes, coupled with an aggressive voluntarism – towards a better informed evaluation of the various currents. Continue reading ‘A good beginning’

1910 Friedrich Adler
In ‘Why Marxists oppose individual terrorism‘ (1911), Trotsky contrasted individual terrorism with industrial action: “The anarchist prophets of the ‘propaganda of the deed’ can argue all they want about the elevating and stimulating influence of terrorist acts on the mass… it belittles the role of the masses… A strike, even of modest size, has social consequences: strengthening of the workers’ self-confidence, growth of the trade union, and not infrequently even an improvement in productive technology.”
According to Hans Hautmann’s book on the Austrian workers’ council movement, Geschichte der Rätebewegung in Österreich 1918-24, however, this is what happened in Austria five years later: Continue reading ‘Austromarxism and terrorism’


There has been some debate following the Weekly Worker’s series of articles on feminism, including on Labour Representation Committee member Louise Whittle’s blog, Harpymarx. It’s regrettable that a lot of it has been conducted in a less than sober manner Continue reading ‘Irrational and brittle’


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