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Punk rock didn’t have it easy in socialist Bulgaria, a country in which all aggressive rock music was officially banned. That didn’t keep Novi Cvetya (“New Flowers”) from performing punk rock as early as 1979.

There’s something strangely fascinating about radical skinhead music. We’re not talking Oi! music or ‘street punk’, that politically unadventurous football hooligan variant of punk rock that cropped up in the UK around 1980. We’re talking angry young men who have dedicated their music and their lives to a cause and are not adverse to using […]

“The right band at the wrong time” is how young Boston punks Red Invasion refer to themselves. With their straightforward Dead Boys-meet-Heartbreakers 70s sleaze punk they might not be in the process of reinventing the wheel, but their songs are infused with a passion rarely found in music these days. Underneath their aggressively nihilistic surface, […]


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