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Yesterday, a festival under the banner ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ took place in East London’s Victoria Park to mark the 30th anniversary of Rock Against Racism and raise consciousness about the racist BNP in the run-up to the local elections. 1978′s Rock Against Racism in the same location featured The Clash, Steel Pulse, X-Ray Spex […]

Here’s your only ever chance to watch someone kick the shit out of somebody else while shouting “since when do you give a fuck about Beethoven?!” Daniele Luchetti’s movie My Brother Is An Only Child tells the story of two brothers growing up in an Italian smalltown in the 60s. Manrico gets laid and joins […]

Budget rock pioneers The Trashwomen are reuniting to play a show at Mr T’s Bowl in Los Angeles on July 12th. It’s their second gig since their breakup in 1995 (they played one at last year’s Budget Rock Fest).

  Noize Punishment aka Jindrich Brejcha is a one-man act from the Czech Republic, and as the name suggests, an absolutely punishing experience. Do you remember Atari Teenage Riot? Gabba techno beats, distorted hardcore/metal guitars, shouty political lyrics? Noize Punishment takes the concept a few steps further, mixing grindcore and breakbeats into a infernal racket […]

Chances that the Oblivians, Gories, and White Stripes ever heard of Yugoslavia’s godfathers of garage punk, Partibrejkers, are next to zero. And yet, upon hearing the bass-less, cutting, rhythm & blues based garage rock the Partibrejkers (speak: party breakers) thrashed out on their deliberately lo-fi 1985 debut album, one is inclined to think these Belgradians […]

Zombie Met Girl


Zombie Met Girl sound as if the Dead Kennedys had remained in their embryonic, pre Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables state for a little while longer, and then fleshed out their sound by adding a slight Cramps touch instead of going hardcore. I’m not sure if you get the same impression from their video clip […]

One thing I was apprehensive about when I went to see Haneke’s US remake of his own Austrian-made 1998 cult classic was its possible merciless mainstreamisation to woo a larger US audience. In place of the John Zorn score that violently crashes into the introductory sequence of the original, I expected Slipknot, or whatever else […]

GRACE JONES – Portfolio (LP, Island Records 1977) Grace Jones’s debut is certainly not the most innovative disco album released in 1977 – that price would have to go to Donna Summer’s I Remember Yesterday, if only for the dazzling six minutes of ‘I Feel Love’ amid a heap of perfunctory filler – but it’s […]

Joe Moon sounds a lot like Iggy Pop. He even sings with a Midwestern accent. But his band are not your average garage troupe dishing out “1969″ soundalikes. Perhaps The Moon’s music is a speculation on what may have come of the Stooges after the phenomenal 1974 post-glam hangover album they never got to record […]

Tura Satana is usually remembered as Varla, the ultimate bad girl from Russ Meyer’s 1966 cult movie Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Only true schlock aficionados are also familiar with her parts in Ted Mikels’s 1968 sci-fi horror effort, The Astro-Zombies, and his madman-against the-world trash feast, The Doll Squad (1974). Through her stunning looks and […]

The youtube clip below contains the introduction to a very interesting documentary called The Power Of Nightmares that was on British television a couple of years back. It deals with the rise of the political Right in both the USA and the Islamic countries, charting it from its humble beginnings as an intended moral renaissance […]

“I hate Radiohead”, says Mac, guitarist of Parisian electro punk act Pravda. “When they came out, the press screamed genius, but what we see in them is a sinister revival of prog rock.

Originally published in Zombie Creeping Flesh fanzine. Sonny Vincent has been a punk rocker since 1976. He spent his formative years fronting The Testors in New York City’s early CBGB milieu alongside bands like the Dead Boys and The Cramps. Projecting the image of an archetypical New York punk underdog with an attitude, he went […]

  Originally published in Zombie Creeping Flesh fanzine. Jeff Dahl has been playing raw, authentic rock and roll ever since the late 70s. Having fronted the legendary Angry Samoans, Powertrip, Vox Pop, and his own Jeff Dahl Group, he continued as a solo artist in the 1990s and 00s. His sound is perhaps best described […]

Originally published in Zombie Creeping Flesh fanzine. When she was only 14, Lydia Lunch ran away from her suburban Rochester home to hang out in the early New York City punk scene. Amateur footage filmed at the CBGB club in 1976 reveals her as an early Dead Boys groupie as well as a keen self-promoter […]


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